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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Winter Edition: ×× Winter Coats

It's getting cold and windy in The Netherlands and that means that it's time to hunt down some winter coats. And I succeed and found these treasures. Looking from a fashion lover perspective this fall/winter season fuzzy coats are totally HOT! two weeks ago i could still wear my fuzzy coat body warmer but not it's time for the real deal.

(1)The first coat has an Russian style to it and I really like it, however I do not like other clothes of this brand at all! ''FACT''when I'm going to V&D which is a Dutch department store, I Literally avoid this clothing brand named Desigual, the colour combinations are too painful for my eyes but enough of cracking this brand, now this coat deserves to be the best item they ever ever designed LOL.
(2) I'm in love with this fuzzy coat from Supertrash I adore this coat simply because it look so cute and the colour is so sooo sooooo soft and believe me if I see someone wearing this coat I totally will touch their coat secretly! The coat does also have a classy end to it.
(3)This elegant looking coat is stunning, the colours are really pretty and I don't have nothing more to comment about this coat other then it's simple and lovely.
(4)Trending fuzzy coat #1, this coat is everything I need to make it this season.
It keeps you warm and (almost) safe. I did not buy mine at H&M but they are literally twins XD, and I have 3 classmates with these (look-a-like) coats (ahh Fashion School) the good thing they are imitation fur. So for the Peta activist if you spot me somewhere,, do not attack me I repeat do not attack me!
So that's it for The Winter Edition: Winter Coats.
Have a safe day and see you next time!
×With love,
-Yadore Fashion

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dressed For The Holidays.

Hi Gurlsz,

Goshhh you all haven't seen me a while, and the reason behind that is that I'am extremely busy with launching my Handmade Jewelry line as well as a Youth Jewelry line but, I will keep you all updated!

Anyways,, I was looking for some awesome pieces on ASOS.COM, and indeed I find some lovely pieces for the Holidays, because you have to look On and Poppin for Christmas and New years eve.

Click on the picture to Shop the pieces.
Image 1 of ASOS Skater Dress in Holographic SequinImage 1 of ASOS Prom Dress with Embellished Bodice
These dresses are for the Girly Girls, they are funky and fashionable. The first one is a very cute party dress. The second one is very Girly and the colors are so soft and believe me everyone can rock this dress.
Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Embellished Collar Jacquard DressImage 1 of Rare Sequin Collar And Cuffs Shift Dress
I especially love those Peter Pan Collar dresses, they look stunning and the great thing about these dresses is that you don't have to worry about wearing necklaces and other jewelry to Pop up the dress. It's already Glitter and Glamour.
Image 1 of ASOS Mini Bodycon Dress In Baroque GlitterImage 1 of ASOS Structured Dress In Jewel Print
I really like the black and gold dress, it is a very elegant and classy dress.
The second one is a very outstanding and beautifull dress but you will have to keep the jewelry and shoes on the simple side, because you do not want to look like you are celebrating Carnival.

What do you think about the dresses?

With love,
-Yadore Fashion