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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ripped Jeans For Summer!!

Hi Divas,

I hope you all are doing fine.
Summer is in front of our doors and lately I'm really seeing allot of ripped jeans, i think they look pretty cool but some people are really exaggerate the term off ripped jeans.

I really do not like ripped jeans like these above, i think they look sloppy.
I refer to buy a ripped jeans like the one that Kim K is wearing.
These ripped jeans looks very nice and not sloppy at all.
The great things about ripped jeans is that you can combine them with everything.

What do you all think about ripped jeans??? Let me know!


Natasha said...

Hi! Found your blog via IFB, love it! I'm now following & I'd love if you checked out my blog as well - I do lots of outfit posts & style tips :)

Yadore Fashion said...
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Yadore Fashion said...

Hi and thanks Natasha!!