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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Business Affiliate Interview: Justice Belle

Hi all,

I interviewed an amazing Fashion Business Affiliate : Justice Belle.
Most of the time you don't get to know the owner or workers of a company,so we are going to meet the owner of Justice Belle.

Introduce yourself and your business to all the readers of Y'adore Fashión

My name is Justice Belle and I am the designer for Rock Goddess by Justice Belle
The Rock Goddess Jewelry collection for the classy sophisticate or trendsetting chic, features select natural gemstones and crystals imported from countries around the world. Inspired Egyptian and Indian arts my pieces use select gemstones which are finely crafted into beautifully custom made pieces. The Collection is made up of three lines: Maybelle, Empress & Francisca James and offers unisex bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and anklets in a wide range of setting choices.

Image maker by Lindsey Floyd

When did your/the business started?

I started Rock Goddess in December of 2010 - I am also a singer and as a music artist I was looking for additional creative avenues for my talent. I originally began with just bracelets but as I discovered more and more design possibilities my line expanded to Necklaces, Earrings and Rings, before I knew it the my collection grew into 3 distinct lines.

Image makers by: Lindsey Floyd

What for impressions does fashion bloggers give you?
Fashion bloggers remind the world that it important to find your own individual unique style signature. Sites like Blogspot, BlogLoving, Facebook & the IFB Network make it fun to find people who share an avid interest in fashion. From Glam to Goth, fashion bloggers provide a daily serving of fashion cuisine.

Model: Ashley

What are the benefits off working with fashion bloggers?

The advent of the internet not only opens my collection to a world wide audience but also provides a simple and affordable way for everyone to express their individual fashion sense. Blogging makes it quick and easy to locate buyers who desire unique pieces for their own personal collections. Working with fashion bloggers is great for networking and expands my audience on a global scale.

Do you think that fashion bloggers can change the ''Fashion world''?
Hmm, I think Fashion Bloggers create an individual yet unified "fashion voice" of the people. No longer do shoppers have to rely exclusively on magazines and commercials. Online boutiques give budding designers a showcase outlet and provide young fashionistas an easy way to shop exclusively. Everyone is able to share their fashion voice with the world.

Thanks Justice for giving my dear readers a chance to know more about you and your online jewelry boutique! Click on the images for more info!

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