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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thé Fashion Bloggers Interview!

Hi Diva's,

A while ago I've interviewed Adrienne from : AdriennenGuyenn.blogspot.com

Thé interview


Q: How did you got started with your blog ? Did someone advice you to start blogging?

A: The origins of my blog resulted from a desperate plea for attention, haha just kidding! My adoration for fashion started as a child but my personality began to show through my clothing and style in high school. As I began high school, I did not know anyone who shared similar interests and I became tired of seeing people wear the same boring "uniform" - skinny jeans, Vans, and a t-shirt. Don't get me wrong, some people can actually pull off this casual look if they add a bit of swagger! But I felt a need to share my voice to a greater popular who actually cared and liked what I wore. In high school, people would always stare or rather glare at me (they still do in college) with those threatening eyes ... haha! Total divergence but I began my blog to share my personal style and establish some possible everlasting friendships.

Q: Where did you got your fashion feeling/style from?

A: My mom is my number one inspiration! Her style and creative eye for mixing and matching is what started my desire for fashion! My mom expects me to get high grades but she also wants me to find other hobbies. She always insists on making me clothes thus why my wardrobe is infinitely growing!

Q: How would you describe you style?

A: I believe my personal style embodies sophistication and the girly vintage look. Though my style changes depending on my mood on a particular day or how many hours I have to stay at school or research! When I'm on the go and running errands, I dress pretty casually but I always accessorize!

Q: What’s your favorite fashion shop?

A:My favorite store would have to be Zara since it's chic and affordable! Which girl doesn't love that combination?! I also love practically everything on Net-A-Porter, but it's too gosh darn expensive...

Q: Which style icons inspires you the most?

A: My style icon would have to be my mom as mentioned above but I draw inspiration from everything- trees, landscapes, paintings, music... When I fall in love with something and want to create an outfit, I embark on a journey to my closet and hope that I can find pieces that illustrate my vision!

Q: Do you have other occupations besides fashion?

A: I am a third year Biological Sciences Major at UCI and I am planning on obtaining a Masters in Epidemiology before entering medical school. Furthermore, I am a researcher under the Department of Surgery at the UCI Medical Center. I also do volunteer work as a Medical Specialist through the Recuperative Care Program and I am a violinist for Music to Heal. Not your typical fashion blogger, eh? Hahaha. The only thing I have in the "fashion industry" is my blog !

Q: Which do you like the most: Dresses, T-shirts, Jackets or Cardigans

A: I live in Southern California so dresses are a must! It's such a versatile garment since you can wear it all season round!

Thanks for the interview Adrienne!

-Y'adore Fashión &
-Adrienne Nguyen

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