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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Weekend At Paris!!

Hi all,

Last weekend I was in Paris and it was Amazing!!. Paris is soo beautiful, but we also went to really ghetto parts of Paris. Other then that it was a Great Experience. We shopped and shopped!! We went to markets and we also saw amazing stores like LouiseVuitton , Hermes, Jean paul Gaultier, Cartier and more!

There was so much clothing and shoes stores that I couldn't choose what I want.

+ Friendly people and
awesome shops
+ Great Prices for Clothing and Shoes
+ Hotel Ibis was Beautiful and Clean!!

- The traffic is just horrible at some parts of Paris!!.
- Toilets are dirty and smells horrible.
- Lots of swindlers.

But Paris was Superrrr!!.

Enjoy the pictures!!.


HannahsFashionBlog said...

I am desperate to go to Paris! You are so lucky!

Lovely blog by the way! Do you want to follow eachother? :)


Yadore Fashion said...

Aww thank you Hannah :) Your blog is lovely as well . I've followed you 2