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Friday, March 30, 2012

Thé Fashion Bloggers Interview!

Hi all,

Today is a special day for me , you and for Thé fashion blogger: Jenny,Jennifer a.k.a Jennaay Gambling  from The Pulse of Fashion blog. She is a Rising fashion blogger, so make sure you pay her blog a visit because Jennaay has an AMAZING fashion style.
Click on read more if you want to know more about Jennaay.

Thé interview

Q = Questions
A = Answers

Q: How did you got started with your blog ? Did someone advice you to start blogging?
A: Truth be told, I just recently went through a bad break up and needed to distract myself with bright, wonderful and crazy things et viola! You have my crazy life in a nutshell on a blog! My best friend Betti Baudelaire www.torchthetreasure.blogspot.com inspired me too as she's studying journalism in university she's got lots of different blogs, one being based on fashion.

Q: Where did you got your fashion feeling/style from?
A: I get a feeling mostly through my lifestyle, I love my music. It's very rare for me to come across someone who listens to the same music as me. It's normally alternative rock, electro pop rock, metal etc so it's not exactly streamline chart music here in Cardiff! The only person who likes some things the same as me's my best friend Betti! We're off to a gig on Sunday to see a band called DRUGS (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows), better watch out for that outfit, it's gonna be crazy! Aside from my music taste I guess a massive factor in what I wear's the weather and how I'm feeling, sometimes like everyone I get days when I want to just wear a massive jumper to work but then some days I wake up wanting to shock people and to get people thinking a little differently. I think the most important thing is not to be afraid to wear what you're thinking. Sometimes I can wake up thinking F*ck fashion I'm wearing my own style and end up looking completely bonkers, but I like that.

Q: How would  you describe you style?
A: My style can go from preppy to rocking to cute to urban to anything really! It totally depends on Q2 as to what my style is for the day. It changes all the time.

Q: What’s your favorite fashion shop?
A: I don't particularly have a favorite fashion shop, I do however LOVE charity shops. I find the most amazing and beautiful items in charity shops and they're often at a fifth of the price or more! My favorite online store has to be www.romwe.com and my favorite bargain high street shops are H&M and Primark! Love a bargain! Other high street shops I take a gander in are Topshop, Zara, Newlook.

Q: Which style icons inspires you the most?
A: I don't particularly get inspired by famous people, I'm more inspired by what I see, whats around me.. guess a bit like Bill Cunnningham in that sense that it's not about the celebrity or status, it's about the clothes. I can walk down the street and have someone's style blow me away, obviously I can have the complete opposite too lol!

Q: Do you have other occupations besides fashion?
A: Yes! My career I work for Disability Sport Wales! It's a great opportunity for me and what better time to work for this organisation than 2012 with the Olympic/Paralympic games! I am very inspired by my day work. 

Q: Which do you like the most: Dresses, T-shirts, Jackets or Cardigans
A: Again depends on Q2! Mostly dresses but for my figure I'm better suited with items that tighten on the waist! :)

Jennaay, Thank you very much for the interview and your honest answers on the questions and keep doing what you do the best!

With love,

Y'adore Fashión
Rubina Alberto

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