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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Animals VS Fashion

Some minutes ago i was playing with my guinea pigs and I

was thinking about what we wear and where it all comes from.

Looking at some of the celebrity’s wearing fur and showing of their Hermes crocodile leather Birkin bag from a (Porosus Crocodile = Saltwater Crocodile) with a price range of $30.000,- to $78.000,-

Enough about Hermes now let’s head to Chanel.

Chanel has some amazing beautiful bags and stuff but did you know that Chanel uses lamb skin for their bags? Either it’s lamb skin or other animals leather.

  • Different leathers:
  • · Cow leather( used for clothes and shoes)
  • · Goat leather (used for clothes, bags and gloves)
  • · Crocodile leather ( used for bags, clothes and more )
  • · Pig leather ( used for bags and gloves )
  • · Snakeskin leather (used for shoes, clothes and bags)

  • Different furs:
  • · Skunk fur
  • · Rabbit fur
  • · Mink fur
  • · Beavers fur
  • · Ermine fur
  • · Otters fur
  • · Sable fur
  • · Cats fur
  • · Dogs fur
  • · Coyotes fur

Talking about furs did you guys saw this Kim K moment when a lady throw flour at Kim K because she is launching a clothing line that contain fur into it.

The attacker is a female and she is a PETA Activist.

So my dear readers what do you guys think of this fur and animal leather thing?

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