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Friday, April 20, 2012

Thé Fashion Bloggers Interview

Hello all,
A warm welcome to all of my new readers,
Today we have the Roxalne Sisters up for a interview.
As i Say : Read more to Know more,

Thé Interview

A= Answers

Q: How did you get started with your blog? Did someone advise you to start blogging?
A: Starting on the idea of building an online store of Roxalne [www.roxalne.com], at the same time as preparing our online shop which is opening promptly, we are determined to attach a forum on the purpose ofCaring, Loving, Sharing.  Originally it started with our own blog, but then the inspiration to provide a private online journal in our empire of fashion for those who feel like sharing their day-to-day or particular experience with the world’s people had after all become visible in minds. In “The Diaries of Roxalne”, there have been several good friends of ours who have joined and the majority of the bloggers are not fashion bloggers. Each party has their own subject matter in sharing, depending on their enjoyment. 

Q: Where did you get your fashion feeling/ style from?
A: By reading fashion magazines, watching the entertainment news and gossip of celebrity has surely explored our feeling in being fashionable with the paradigm of having valuable living.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: We have lived in a very arty and easy environment in Bali all life, that normally lets us dress in T-shirts or minimal tops and hot/medium pants when we are in daily actions. In spite of this, our style is fairly ambiguous in different times, that someway we are engaged with plainness yet strong but momentarily classy.

Q: What’s your favourite fashion shop?
A: In fact one of our much-loved fashion shops is obviously our own online shop (roxalne), it would be the favourite one due to the love and hard work we have put in it.  However, still on the other selection Net-a-porter is another chosen one.  The reason for selecting Net-a-porter for being the other preferred online store is just in case it is consistent and comprehensive in selling branded products. 

Q: Which style icon inspires you the most?
A: Alexander McQueen that has amazing brutal designs and
The worlds number one footwear designer, Christian Louboutin.
They have invented bold pieces that are edgy yet feminine according to us.

Q: Do you have other occupations besides fashion?
A: Mutiara is temporarily teaching classic piano (side job), while Intan focuses on Roxalne online shopping.

Q: Which do you like the most: Dresses, T-shirts, Jackets or Cardigans
A:We both are entirely contradictory individuals with identical harmony in thinking.  We do not have any particular like but usually the older sibling loves to wear anything characteristic-husking, excluding dresses, as she is a little bit tomboy.  The younger girl gets dressed in anything that could boost up her frame of mind and make her feel confident, many times she dresses in beach dresses too. Just sort of echo from question number 3, we are devoted to T-shirts when in hometown and would prefer jackets and cardigans when we are overseas.

A special thanks go to the Roxalne Sisters for the interview.

With love,
-Y'adore Fashión


my mini bag said...

Great post. I love reading how bloggers begun their journey here in the blog world.

Love your blog. New follower. Found you through IFB.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Great interview! I'm always interested in reading about fellow bloggers :-)

Yadore Fashion said...

Thanks My mini Bag! I also enjoy reading their journey :)

Yadore Fashion said...

@Fashion Cappuccino : Yes me 2