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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thé Fashion Bloggers Interview!

Hi and welcome my dear readers! Today i have interviewed another blogger.
Her name is Anh and she is a 16 year old fashion blogger from Berlin.

Thé interview

A: Answers

Q: How did you got started with your blog ? Did someone advice you to start blogging?

A: My adventure through the blogosphere didn't start at my current blog tha.Darlinh but on one called Remote Future. Back then my best friend and I did a lot of fun photo shoots and thought they should be shared with the world. So we created a blog to do so. It was mostly about photography and capturing memories on an online platform.
When she moved away from Berlin in summer 2011 we thought the blog could never be the same without our routine of photoshoots together. It really couldn't so we split up and both started from point zero.
I, always interested in fashion and arts, started a personal lifestyle blog with tha.Darlinh and am blogging since then about my little experiences in the fashion industry.

Q: Where did you got your fashion feeling/style from?

A: Good question! I think it just developed from reading and looking at fashion magazines from a very young age every day. Growing up in Berlin might be an important aspect,too. This city is full of inspirational well-dressed artists and people in general but also with some weirdos. Distinguishing the things I like on others and things I don't like made my fashion feeling.

Q: How would you describe you style?

A:My style is a continuous process of finding myself. That is why it has hints of rebelling rock, grown-up elegance, combined with a sporty or casual attitude. From my daily mood my look can be a cheerful colourblock or a reduced minimalism.

Q: What’s your favorite fashion shop?

A: I buy things that I like no matter what shop I find it in. That mostly happens at Zara though.

Q: Which style icons inspires you the most?

A: People who have a smashing personality and apply exactly that on their style inspire me. It don't even have to be my type of style it just has to be authentic. That is why I like Kate Moss really much and also most successful style bloggers like Andy Torres, Chiara Ferragni, Carolina Engman etc. but also some of my friends!

Q: Do you have other occupations besides fashion?

A:Right now I am in my a-levels so school plays a big role at the moment. To get rid of everything in my head I take dance lessons. Last year that was at a pretty professional level with several first place achievements with my crew and even getting a little bit money from public performances.

Q: Which do you like the most: Dresses, T-shirts, Jackets or Cardigans

A:T-Shirts! I love the versatility of that garment. Depending on the print and fabric it can be ranged into every possible style. Fascinating!

Thank you for your time and the great interview Anh,
With love,

--Y'adore Fashión

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