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Monday, April 09, 2012

Looks for Less!

Hello! My name is Jessica and I run a blog called Shoes,
Fashion, Fitness.http://www.shoesfashionfitness.com/.
I will be here every Monday to do a series of guest posts on ‘Y’adore
Fashión’ entitled ‘Looks for Less’. So let’s jump right in!

For my first look I’m going to be doing an outfit by Kim
Kardashian. I’m not really a Kim K fan, but no one can deny the fact that she
has great style!

Bag and Shoes: 39.95 each from Shoedazzle.
White t-shirt and leggings: Around $6 Forever21
Blazer: Forever21 has a wide variety $20-$30

Let’s start with a purse and shoes, which is always my
favorite place to start! I picked out these black patent shoes from Shoedazzle,
these particular ones are called ‘Chanelle’ and have a pink bottom, but you can
also find a few other options on Shoedazzle, like ‘Vida’, ‘Vogue’, or for a
shorter heel ‘Carrington’ and they all have a pink sole. As for the bag it is
also a Shoedazzle pick and it’s called ‘Hobart’, as you can see I picked it
because of the chain across the front, another option would be ‘Grenada’.

The rest of Kim’s outfit is pretty simple, black leggings can
be found almost anywhere as well as a white shirt, they are pretty much staples
in every girl’s wardrobe. The black blazer could be found easily at a second
hand store if you want to go super thrifty!

The only accessory we can see that she is wearing is the
scarf. Now you could go for a neutral scarf like Kim is wearing or you could
bring in a pop of color. The scarves can be found pretty cheap at a store like
Ardene, or you could check out thrift stores for even cheaper and possibly
vintage finds!

I hope you enjoyed my first ‘Look for Less’ as much as I
enjoyed making it! I will see you again next Monday but in the mean time you
can check out my links ;)

With love,

Jessica &
Y'adore Fashión

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