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Friday, April 13, 2012

How to work those extra wardrobes.

To be a true fashion savvy, one must learn the art on how to work those extra wardrobes.

Photo 1 Earrings and Necklaces
Pendant Necklace should be worn
with a deep neckline top for this provides a nice contrasting frame.

Over-sized Earrings works great with halter tops. It brings focus to your sexy shoulders and neckline.

Al long Chain Necklace the chicest way to wear it is on outside of a collared shirt

Drop Earrings best paired with a turtle neck.

Photo 2 Shoes

Wedges A flowy skirt is the perfect
pair for a wedge it plays off the h

eight of wedge heels.
Stilettos to look like a sex kitten pair it
with a sassy pencil cut skirt.

Chunky Platforms refrain from wearing anything tight or short since it will be too overwhelming. A leg pants is the perfect wardrobe to wear
with platforms it provides the balance to the chunky heels
Ballet flats looks sleeker with cropped pant

Photo 3 Boots

Stiletto Boots the key to this pairing is that the hem of the pants should hit the boots instep.

Flat boots works best with knee-length skirts. opt for denim skirts for a more casual look

wedge boots works best with skinny pants.

stacked boots works best with gauchos. stacked boots keep the weight of the gauchos in proportion

Guest post by : Donna G.


berry said...

wonderfull article , terrific !

Yadore Fashion said...

Yes she did a awesome job!

Nana Granada said...

Thanks so much Yadore =)