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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project: Life-Story Interview

Hi all,

Meet Marianne : She is a fashion blogger with passion for ballet.
She is 24 years old and she is from Switzerland.


Q: Introduce yourself to the Y'adore Fashion readers.
A: My name is Marianne, but I blog with my nickname Mary Jane on ahintofredness.blogspot.com. I'm 24 years old and live in Switzerland. I was at university to study languages, but I had to quit and now I'm in an apprenticeship to become and interior designer. I love fashion and I dance ballet.
I have the diagnosis of a bulimic borderliner. That illness has made my life hell for a few years, but I've fought for my happiness and now I'm over it and I can live a normal life.

Q: Tell us your happiest day in your life
A:Hmmmm... I can't really answer that question. Because of my illness there is a lot of emotional up and down in my life. In the worst times I could change from content to not wanting to live anymore in about half a minute. But now it's a lot better and the ups and downs are not so frequent and not so heavy anymore.
And because of that I've learned to enjoy and treasure every single moment of happiness. And now I'm a really content person because I try to let go of my bad feelings and just enjoy it when I'm happy;-)
For example a ballet lesson can make me the happiest person on earth. I love to move to music and to express myself that way. Ballet is perfect control over your body and it lets me forget everything around me. All the stress and all the things that trouble me are just gone. I try to rejoice in the little things of life: a sunny day, one of my cats purring in my arms, a kind word from somebody, the first birds singing in front of my window, a puddle that has the shape of a heart...

Q: When was the worst day of your life and how did you got over it?
A: I think it was december 26th 2009. That day I tried to take my life. I was sick and tired of everything and didn't want to go on. I just didn't have the strength any more. Hating my body, feeling too fat all the time, constantly feeling depressed, suffering under unbearable emotional tentions... - it was just too much.
Luckily I was saved. But it wasn't all gone after that day. Yet, after some time I realised that that day had changed one thing: My attitude towards life. I wanted to live it and I wanted to live on my conditions. It was a long and hard way, but today I can say that I love my life and that I live it the way I want. It took a lot of therapy to get me here. But most important were my friends and all the people who believed in me and supported me. To these people I owe my life to and my joy in being.
Q: How to you deal with haters or copycats
A: Luckily, I've hardly come across such people. But when I do, they usually make me sad. And than angry. But I've learned that it's best for me to first get some distance. Think about it, talk it through with my friends and then - when I've calmed my feelings - try to talk with those people.
But all in all I'm a very forgiving person and I can't be angry at somebody for a long time.

Q: Who is the most important person in your life and why?
A: Well, that is a tough question for me to answer. Not because I don't have such a person, but because this person is not supposed to play such a role in my life. But I'm lucky to have someone to whom I can talk about everything, who always tries to understand me and who can cope with my emotional instability (basing in my illness) which occasionally shines through. This person just makes happy.

Do you have more things that you want to share with us?
I've had a few hard years, but I've found myself again and now I'm happier than ever. Just never give up on yourself and keep going. The fight is worth it

Thank you so much for sharing your life story,

With love,

Y'adore Fashión

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