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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Project: Life-Story Interview

Hi all,

I'm so happy to have met this beauty-full lady.,
Her name is : Christina-Lauren from California
But now it's time for you all to get know her!.
She is the first Fashion blogger that I'm interviewing for my project!


Q: Introduce yourself to the Y'adore Fashion readers.
A:. By day, I'm a business executive who manages an internationally-renowned party supply manufacturing company, and a co-founder of a music industry-based Internet company. By night, I'm a lifestyle blogger who loves sharing fashion and style trends, health and beauty tips, personal growth advice, home and garden how-to's, and special event news. I was raised by self-made, entrepreneurial parents... my mom is an illustrator/author/designer from Beverly Hills and my dad is a visionary businessman from New York. Together they raised me in the picturesque and world-famous Monterey Peninsula (California), and named me after fashion design legends, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren. Over time, I’ve cultivated a unique sense of style and the ability to incorporate art, beauty, and conscious living into everyday life. Through my upbeat, contemporary lifestyle blog, Inspirations & CELEBRATIONS, I'm able to share everything that I've learned and am inspired by, which I hope will instill knowledge, personal empowerment, and positivity in my readers.

Q: Tell us your happiest day in your life
A:. I'm a very enthusiastic person... so pretty much any exciting news can make me happy. Today, in particular, was a good day. I learned that I was selected by Glamour Magazine to be a 2012 Glambassador. Along with a number of other Glambassadors across the USA (who were selected out of thousands of applicants) I'm excited to participate in this exclusive program. As a Glambassador (representing California), I'll get "VIP access to Glamour events, be the first to know about special offers and programs, test the latest products, and host parties and events."

Q: When was the worst day of your life and how did you got over it?
A:. I believe that life's a series of learning lessons. So, when something "bad" happens, I think it's just an opportunity for us to mentally re-frame the situation, by choosing how we respond to or interpret that experience. By doing this, we recognize what we can learn from that experience, rather than become a victim of it. This ultimately makes us wiser, stronger, and more evolved. I've been very fortunate in my life to not have many "bad" days.

Q: How to you deal with haters or copycats
A: The old saying goes, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", and I think that's definitely true! If someone copies me or my work, I'll just take it as a compliment. I believe in originality and creativity, but I can't expect everyone else to follow the same belief system, so why waste energy being frustrated over their bad behavior?! That's no fun!

Q: Who is the most important person in your life and why?
A:. I'm very close with my family, and in particular, my mom. She's a true inspiration. A beautiful, strong, smart, creative, and inspiring woman with a heart of gold. It's amazing to see all that she's accomplished... from designing/patenting/marketing consumer products, to writing/illustrating/publishing a children's storybook, to creating nationally-recognized children's characters, to composing/recording original music, and so much more. In addition to being multi-talented and successful, she's always been a very devoted wife and mother, and incredibly supportive of our family.

Thank you very mcuh Christina,

With love,

Y'adore Fashión


Christina-Lauren said...

Thanks for featuring my life story on your blog - much appreciated! Wishing you the best in all your endeavors.

Inspirations & CELEBRATIONS

Yadore Fashion said...

Thank you very much hun!


--Y'adore Fashión

Mary Jane K. said...

Amazing life-story. Very impressing personality!