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Monday, April 09, 2012

Business Affiliate Interview

Hi all,

Today i interviewed an amazing Fashion Business Affiliate : RUCHED BOUTIQUE .
Most of the time you don't get to know the owner or workers of a company,but today we are going to meet the owner of RUCHED BOUTIQUE.

Q: Introduce yourself and your business to all the readers of Y'adore Fashión.
A: I'm Jen. I live in the Chicago area. My boutique is Ruched Boutique. It's a small online boutique that offers great prices and unique pieces.

Q: When did your business started?
A: The idea for my business started back in April of 2010. I didn't start executing the idea until 2011. We first opened late August of 2011.

Q: What for impressions does fashion bloggers give you?
A: I really admire fashion bloggers. I think it takes a lot of talent, confidence, and dedication to be a fashion blogger. I tried it and failed miserably. It's always fun for me to see what fashion bloggers are talking about and showing off. It definitely helps influence what I put in my boutique.

Q: What are the benefits off working with fashion bloggers?
A: The benefits of working with fashion bloggers from my end is the exposure they give my boutique. It's hard to promote something that only has an online presence. If fashion bloggers like what my store offers they'll share it with their readers. The benefit of fashion bloggers working with me is they get new clothes no one else has, they get 15% off their first purchase, they have something new to blog about, we'll add their link to our growing list of blogger affiliates, and when a blogger writes about our store/products we add it to our press page and social networks for everyone to see :)

Q: Do you think that fashion bloggers can change the ''Fashion world''?
A: I definitely think bloggers can change the fashion world. I feel like that's already starting to happen. I see a lot of commercial that feature fashion bloggers these days (TJ Maxx). The internet is a great place to be found by anyone which can then lead to amazing opportunities. I think fashion bloggers are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve.

Thanks Jen for giving my dear readers a chance to know more about you and your boutique !

With love,

Y'adore Fashión


ClaireElise said...

It's so nice to see this interview! I just purchased some products yesterday to review from ruched boutique! Excellent interview. :)


Yadore Fashion said...

Yes indeed, I can't wait till you review the items that you bought from ruched boutique! :)