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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thé Fashion Bloggers Interview!

Hi all,

Today i had a huge opportunity to meet another fashion blogger.
Her name is Elisa and she is a 18 year old student from London.
She is the proud owner of the blog called : Scarlet Red

Thé interview

Q = Questions
A = Answers

Q: How did you got started with your blog ? Did someone advice you to start blogging?
A: It’s actually quite weird how I got into blogging. I always knew blogs existed but I didn’t know just how popular and inspirational some fashion blogs were. I was shopping in River Island where I came across their free fashion magazine. As I flicked through it I saw a little article on Sandra from the blog 5 inch and up. I was so inspired by what she was wearing and her writing that I searched her blog on Google straight away. As soon as I clicked on her blog I was amazed by the amount of followers and comments she had and by how inspiring her work was. I knew I wanted to do something similar, so I started my own blog.

Q: Where did you got your fashion feeling/style from?
A:Most of my inspiration for my fashion style probably comes from magazines such as Vogue, Elle, W, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. I do love following fashion week and I try to keep myself continuously up to date with the latest trends. During fashion week I constantly stalk all the fashion houses on twitter and I follow the shows through live streaming. It’s so cool and it makes me feel like I’m actually there in Paris and Milan watching the collection.

Q: How would you describe you style?
A: I think my fashion style is quite simple yet edgy. I like wearing a pair of leggings with a simple white vest combined with a leather jacket and a statement necklace.

Q: What’s your favorite fashion shop?
A:I don’t have a particular favourite shop but I do have a few that I constantly go to. I love River Island, it has the perfect mix of simple and edgy outfits that fit my style well. I love their use of colour and I think it’s very good price wise too. I do also love Miss Selfridge because it’s slightly more girly than River Island. I always buy dresses from there; they are some of my favourites.

Q: Which style icons inspires you the most?
A:I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s style. I think she is the definition of my simple yet edgy style. Even when she’s out and about you always see her wearing a simple pair of jeans with some killer heels or a simple dress with some statement jewelry. I also love Rooney Mara. She impressed me so much during her movie premiere tour for ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. She wore a lot of cut out dresses and the two main colours she had were black and white. I fell in love with her style, it’s simply amazing.

Q: Do you have other occupations besides fashion?
A:I’m currently a full time student, in my last year of sixth form (senior year of high school). I’ve applied for University and I’m hoping in a BA(Hons) in Graphic Designing. I want to be an art director for fashion magazines. Hopefully you will see my name on Vogue one day, look out for it!

Q: Which do you like the most: Dresses, T-shirts, Jackets or Cardigans
A:I love wearing jeans and t-shirts. When I go out clubbing with my friends I always wear dresses, they just give me that extra bit of confidence to show off my (awful) dance moves on the dance floor!

Thanks for the opportunity to interview you Elisa,

With love,
--Y'adore Fashión


Elisa Kanagarajah said...

aww yay! thanks so much for the opportunity :)

Yadore Fashion said...

No problem hun :)